Clients We Serve : The Di Bella Financial Group | Albany, NY

Clients We Serve

We enjoy working with people of all ages and stages in life to help them gain clarity in their financial world and make well informed decisions for themselves and their families. We take pride in creating trusted partnerships with our clients, often addressing many of the topics and areas of concern noted below.


  • Are you quickly approaching retirement?
  • Apprehensive about the next phase?
  • Overwhelmed by all of the considerations?
  • Are you uncertain about the timing of your Social Security election and/or which pension option is most beneficial to accomplish your unique financial goals?
  • Wondering if you have saved enough to maintain your lifestyle and financial independence throughout retirement?

Our goal at the Di Bella Financial Group is to guide clients through a proven process so that they can retire with confidence! We will educate, fully explain the options available and illustrate the results of our recommendations.

Allow us to share in the burden and assist you with making well informed financial life decisions.


  • Is leaving assets to the next generation(s) or your favorite Charity a top financial goal?
  • Wondering how to protect your nest egg from a potential custodial care need?
  • Have you considered how taxes will impact your overall financial legacy?
  • How could long term inflation impact your current financial blueprint?

Entrepreneurs, Executives &
Established Professionals

  • Are you behind with your retirement savings?
  • How much should you be saving?
  • Which debt should you pay down first?
  • Not sure where to allocate your surplus income?
  • Have you been blindly saving with no intent?
  • Need a roadmap and clearly defined goals to give you confidence that you are on the right path?

Allow us to pave the way and monitor your progress. Implement new strategies or adjust current ones as your plan and goals evolve.